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Join me for candid conversations with guests across industries, on The Intellectual People Podcast.


I’ve always loved speaking with people, whether they’re the founder or a tech company, a customer service representative, or a showroom floor associate.


People who are passionate about their product and often, their journey is just as interesting.


Join me for candid conversations with guests across industries, on The Intellectual People Podcast.




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How To Stop Procrastination | Petr Ludwig | Adela Schicker from | Ep 59

How To Stop Procrastination | Petr Ludwig | Adela Schicker from | Ep 59

Listen to Petr and Adela share their journey about how they met to co-author the International Best Seller book End Procrastination with over 400,000 copies sold and build an international company. We all want to believe that we don't procrastinate, the reality is that we do and this book has many science based tips to help us be more productive and live your best life! In their words... Simple, science-based tools to stop procrastination Even with overflowing inboxes, thousands of unread notifications, and unmet deadlines, most people still can’t manage to take control of their time and stop procrastinating. The End of Procrastination tackles this ubiquitous issue head on, helping you stop putting off work and reclaim your time. Author Petr Ludwig shows that ending procrastination is more than a wise time management strategy―it’s essential to developing a sense of purpose and leading a happier, more fulfilled life. The keys to overcoming procrastination are simple. With eight clear, approachable tools―from quick daily worksheets to shift your perspective to to-do lists that actually help you get things done―The End of Procrastination provides everything you need to change the way you manage your time and live your life. Based on the latest research, The End of Procrastination synthesizes over one hundred scientific studies to create a program that is based on the way our brains actually work. By understanding exactly why procrastination happens and how our brains respond to motivation and self-discipline, the book provides readers with the knowledge to conquer procrastination on an everyday basis. Don't Procrastinate, Rejuvenate!
Uneducated Economist | Ep 56

Uneducated Economist | Ep 56

Simon is the man in his 20 year old Toyota speaking about the Economy. 5 years ago he was broke, in debt and an alcoholic. Listen to his story of why he decided to follow the market and how his lumber sales day job is helping with predictions. Timestamps for your convenience! 0:00 - Intro 0:33 - What is Uneducated Economist? 1:19 - Have you always been into Economy? 2:52 - What did you do after High School? 3:35 - Are you still in the same Lumber Yard? 4:44 - Does the Business give you an Insight on the Economy in General? 5:40 - How do you use that Information to your Advantage? 6:32 - Why do you think that Media is not Representing the Reality? 8:01 - How does the Economy actually work & How Fed affects the Economy? 11:58 - Why is Demand still so High? 12:26 - Do you think that we will see the Housing Crash like we saw in 2008? 16:24 - Where are all the Cash Buyers getting their Money? 17:38 - What do you Recommend a Younger Couple to do in Terms of Savings? 22:44 - What is Recession? 24:03 - Do you think that the Government will Exclusively be involved in Digital Currency? 25:47 - how does the Crypto Currency come into the System? 27:55 - What will happen to actual Gold after Crypto Currency Takes over? 29:25 - Being behind a Lumber Yard and Understanding the Economy better 33:59 - The Comment Section of Uneducated Economist 36:27 - Do you have any Insight as to why people are putting their Money in a Depreciating Asset? 39:49 - Do you think that some of that is caused by being Nervous of the Political Believes? 41:01 - Silver as the much-Needed Necessity around the Globe 43:14 - Do you think that with all the Inflation, the U.S stands short of Food? 44:42 - Has the Inflation put the Farmers and Distributors out of Business? 51:06 - The U.S relying a lot on China 52:58 - How do we get Past the Financial Crisis? 55:39 - Would you not agree that there is some sort of Co-Relation between the Economy and Politics? 57:30 - Having Bad Effect on the Economy by handing out Money 59:05 - At what point does the U.S Truly have to get Serious about the Economy? 1:03:55 - Why does Simon do the Videos in his Car? 1:05:34 - Is there anything that you want to say to the Audience? 1:08:40 - Outro #UneducatedEconomist #economy #stockmarket **THIS VIDEO IS NOT INVESTMENT ADVICE**
Chris Bruhhaver of PS Audio | Ep 55

Chris Bruhhaver of PS Audio | Ep 55

Learn how Chris Brunhaver became the speaker designer at PS Audio as well as the process for his first creation known as the Aspen FR30 Loudspeaker. Timestamps below! Chris' Band 0:00 - Intro 0:35 - What is psaudio? 2:19 - What's you Actual Job Title at psaudio? 3:20 - Has Chris Always been a Musical lover? 4:47 - Where does Chris's Sister Play? 5:12 - What's Chris's Degree in? 6:14 - What did Chris do after College? 8:54 - What did Dan's FEA Program do Differently that others did not? 13:19 - How Long was Dan with the Dire? 15:25 - What did you at PG? 16:10 - What did you do after PG? 19:36 - How did Chris and Paul come Together? 23:00 - Critical Aspects of the Design Process 25:02 - What's the Criteria that psaudio has for Chris as a Lead Senior Designer? 33:47 - Is the FR30 100% Designed by Chris? 38:26 - Is the First Woofer in the FR30 and What's the Second Woofer for? 40:22 - Plans for the Theater People 42:10 - What's it like Working for a Marketing Machine? 48:56 - How did psaudio come up with FR30? 1:00:33 - Are there any Plans to get the Speaker Measured by a Third Party? 1:07:40 - Did you get the Speaker out to Amir at ASR? 1:11:28 - Is there any talk of psaudio Investing in a Cripple Near File Scanner in the Future? 1:15:21 - Are the Speakers Manufactured in Colorado, US? 1:21:16 - Do you Quality Check every Single Pair? 1:23:50 - Where does Chris stand in the Cable World for his Loud Speaker? 1:29:13 - What type of Capacitors, Resistors & Coils are used in the Speakers? 1:33:13 - Is there any Chance of an Active Version? 1:36:39 - Tough Part of being in psaudio 1:43:19 - Actively Interacting with Speakers 1:45:40 - Is there anything Chris would like to Share with the Listeners? 1:4:700 - psaudio's Website 1:47:17 - Outro #psaudio #hifi #speaker
How to get your child off their device!  | Tingkergarten CEO Brian Fitzgerald | Ep 52

How to get your child off their device! | Tingkergarten CEO Brian Fitzgerald | Ep 52

Does your child spend too much time on their electronic device? Do you feel they do not spend valuable time outside like you did when you were a kid? Enter Tinkergarten, where they learn the "old" way. Tinkergarten also has opportunities for parents to be a leader too. Current and ex teachers are a perfect match! In their words: For families with young kids, spending purposeful time outside is more important than ever. To thrive in this dynamic world, children need outdoor play experiences that deliver the hands-on lessons, valuable social interactions, and restorative activity that can’t be gained from the tap of a screen. As parents, it’s our job to ensure they engage in these experiences early and often. But how? While finding ways to create enriching outdoor moments is essential, it isn’t always easy. Getting outside might be a simple first step, but for a lot of us, knowing what to do next—and how to make it count— just doesn’t come naturally. We’ve been there. That’s why we started Tinkergarten. Tinkergarten helps families get outside to make the most of their kids’ early learning years. Designed by education experts and loved by all families, our play-based outdoor curriculum guides parents in raising healthy, confident, and capable kids. Through live, weekly sessions, an at-home curriculum, and a rich learning community, Tinkergarten makes purposeful outdoor play doable for every family. Tinkergarten. Your guide to purposeful outdoor play. Tinkergarten FAQ #Learning #Tinkergarten #Kids



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